The universe runs through me, I am the Wind, the Salt and the Sea.

Nothing I will show you have you seen before; A ruler of my own world.

Take a moment to breathe and listen, enjoy this world I have created for you.

-My Story. Your chapter.

  • Short Introduction.

    5th Sep 2019 by

    It’s not that I want to live my dream, It’s that I want you to live them too. To see a snippet of the world in the way I see it, to gain the same sense of serendipity from even the worst of nightmares as I do. β€” Georgia Jeffries. (Me.) This Blog has been… Read more

  • Just things.

    24th Dec 2019 by

    “Media should always aim to empower people.” – Ingrid 16/09/19 14/09/2019 – 19:37. So, I’ve just read James’ (Yours, if you read this. Do I even want you to? Why am I putting this stuff somewhere someone else can see when in no way shape or form is it even slightly interesting or related to… Read more

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