Photography inspiration.

// Content warning: There are mature and suggestive themes as well as being possibly triggering. None of these photos are mine. //

My typical style seems to be somewhat suggestive yet pure, it can be erotic but to me it represents more natural themes.

Being stripped to the core and put on display, you can see the skin but know there is so much more.

Related image

Simply because they are deemed to be suggestive or erotic it does not mean this is all there is. Do not always take things for their face value, there is more to it than what meets the eye.

Another theme I’d like to play with is the more cutesy romance, the sort of pure young love but maybe in a twisted scene. Not even between two people necessarily, more so just a huge contrast possibly in an apocalyptic world that shows flowers growing, natural love in even the darkest of places.

Related image

Separation could be another fun theme to play with and attempt to display.

Despite the theme these photos may display, my general aesthetic follows the more weird and wonderful things. I enjoy the idea of getting people in somewhat unnatural positions while being in the purest form of themselves. Granted, I wouldn’t be able to do photos like these at my age group and it would need to be majorly risk assessed however I would like to experiment in this in the future.

Fairy lights could be fun to experiment with as they are small light sources and could add some fun contrast to the photos.

Dita Von Teese.

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