// Content warning, there’s a picture and story of a same sex couple that had been beaten. There is blood. You have been warned. //

The process of adopting an extreme views and aspirations. Can be done by an individual or a group.

Radicalisation may result in violent bursts that take diverse forms. Here are some examples –

Right wing extremism –

Radicalisation with connections to fascism, racialism/racism, supremacism and ultranationalism. This form of radicalization is characterized by the violent defence of a racial, ethnic or pseudo-national identity, this can also be tied in with political groups and immigrants ect.

Left wing extremism –

This focuses primarily on anti-capitalist demands and calls for the transformation of political systems considered responsible for producing social inequalities

Politico religious extremism –

A political interpretation of religion and the defence, by violent means, of a religious identity perceived to be under attack.

Single issue extremism –

A form of radicalization essentially motivated by a sole issue.  Mass murderers whose motivations are partially or wholly ideological may also fall under this category.

//Source: https://info-radical.org/en/radicalization/types-of-radicalization/ //

Two females in a same sex relationship were on a date and refused to kiss in front of/for four teen boys and got beaten up for it. They had to go to the hospital because of these boys constructing these views.

My opinion / thoughts on radicalisation.

My opinion of radicalisation is fairly basic, I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t be able to see that by children being radicalised they are breaking families apart, hurting friends and causing damage to more than just their homes. While the child is doing what they were radicalised into there are chances that they will not only have hurt their homes but also end up hurting other families. Possibly helped to kill a father, mother or even child. Destroy a village and so on.

I can understand psychologically why a child can be radicalised. Manipulation is used every single day, even without us realising, and things like propaganda can be used for basic things such as the beauty standards you see in media which resulted in women shaving or buying makeup and pills or it can be used in more extreme cases that we have seen before such as Hitler using children’s stories that targeted Jewish stereotypes and resulted in children growing up supporting Hitlers extremist views. Children, teenagers and the like often are very weak minded in the sense that they can be easily convinced and manipulated into doing such things.

An example of radicalisation being used on a teenager is that by fighting for ___ they then have a purpose, they are doing good, they are valued and appreciated. They have something to fight for.

A child with parents that maybe aren’t so attentive or

The genderbread person –

My personal Genderbread Person-

Gender identity – Mostly female.

Gender expression – Femininity mostly.

Anatomical sex – Female

Sexually attracted to – Both? I would probably prefer men since I want children on my own but I also think most of this could be formed based of an opinionated society with set beliefs around me. It’s possible I’m more attracted to women sexually.

Romantically attracted to – Both though I honestly think I’d be jealous of both my partners purely ‘cus I wanna be the man and the woman. Probably better I stay single haha…

Related image

Explainations –

Identity is what you think of yourself to be, expression is how you display yourself in your actions and clothes, sex is what gender you biologically are, attraction is who you are attracted to (or who you aren’t.)

Be who-ever you want to be, so long as it doesn’t hurt yourself or another. Embrace every part of yourself no matter how “different” it might make you feel from someone else. If you feel this way, there is at least one other person who understands and feels the same.

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