Photographer – Sally Mann

// Content warning, Nude photography of children and one photo with blood in. //

Sally Mann makes very controversial photos, she uses her children own in the photos she takes, ranging from ages 1-12 and typically nude. This has made many question it being child pornography and deem it to be very inappropriate. People also tend not to want to see young children naked in such suggestive positions.

These photos are of one of her daughters, I’m not sure on the age of her in these pictures however it’s clear she is young. In the second photo (In colour and censored) she has a dog scratch across her stomach/chest and so Mann had decided to take a photo of her child like this. Here is a photo of Sally Mann:

She was born May 1st, 1951. She made her photographic debut at Putney with a photo of a nude classmate. Mann’s first book, “Second Sight”, was published in 1984. In the 1970’s Mann explored with a range of styles/genres which led her to making the book “At Twelve: Portraits of Young Women.” In 1995 she was featured in an issue of Aperture.

While taking photos of her children she had also taken them to see professionals about their mental health to see if it had any effect on them in a negative way however, everyone they had gone to said it would be fine and that there was no effect on them. Personally, as a completely unprofessional look on the subject I don’t think it will positively effect the children unless they plan to go into acting or modelling as then they will have experience with and be comfortable around a camera but aside from that I can’t see a very positive effect on them especially since Mann herself had mentioned that there were perverted people sending threats and letters to the girls family members and schools. They had to move house due to this and at one point feared there would be a break in or something else of wicked nature.

There are some photos Mann has taken of her children when they are simply having fun and messing around as children, mostly nude as this is how they were raised since Sally Mann herself said she was raised to run free and nude, However there are some photos where her children are portraying pain, isolation and insecurity.

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