Media Ideas.

12/09/10 ~ 1:22am-1:37am.

You’re both sneaker mcsneakerson and sleeper mcsleeperson woah what a cool duo. Two terrible detectives

Jjreynolds575, 01:22 Okayyy i will but you’ll probably fall asleep by the time i’m there

01:22 one sleeps all the time and doesn’t give a single damn and the other is just terrible at his job when sneaking around for clues massive case and boom they get assigned it somehow sneaker uses sleeper as a distraction

Jjreynolds575, 01:23 Remember this idea wow actualy that could be a cool dream

01:23I know right. Only the coolest of Sneakerson and SleepersonImma get a snake and name his Ssssnakerson wait that’s their pet!

Jjreynolds575, 01:24 This will be a cool ass dream The snake could always randomly appear and do all the work

01:24I have so many things happening in my mind right now woah

Jjreynolds575, 01:25 Massive sneaky brain explosion

01:25he ssssslithers up to work in hisssss ssssuit and tie, plasssing hissss top hat on the rack. plassessss hisss briefcasssse down on the table and beginssss the meeting with”thisss issss a casse for McSsssnakersson”

Jjreynolds575, 01:26 this is one dapper snake damnn, i’m a big fan

01:26 *ba dum tsk* crowd laughs and then he tuns on the projector and just goes right into it

Jjreynolds575, 01:26 the other two aren’t even paying attention to him

01:27 pfft what kind of addition is that if you can’t even sssay their namessssitsss sssneakerssson and ssssleeperssson

Jjreynolds575, 01:28 i can barely see my keyboard in this light i can spell their names out perfectly right now :’) can’t wait so i am both

01:28 “There’s been a murder. Sleeper McSleeperson was killed in broad daylight, the killer left all the clues they possibly could and we had several witnesses. They are terrible at their job and so we conclude it was Sneaker McSneakerson. Not so Sneakerson now, are you?” dun dun dun. lights fade. crowd gasps.roll the credits.and yes, you are both.

Jjreynolds575, 01:29 when we make short films, i think we should do this haha i love it

01:29 But, where do we find a snake in a top hat and tux? also yes I think so too haha

Jjreynolds575, 01:30 we’ll find it somehowmight take a while

01:30 Glad you enjoyed the show, tune in next week for computer boy and water girl!

Jjreynolds575, 01:30 might have a spare actully oof my spelling

01:31 that’ll be great if you could get one of those haha actually though this might become a thing

Jjreynolds575, 01:31 i wanna learn more about computer boy and water girl sometime

01:32 It airs next week but I’m sure I can give you a general idea.

Jjreynolds575, 01:32 their relationship might be tragic though

01:33 Oh big time. Imagine shakespeare but romeo is a cactus and juliet is someone that really loves’s worse than that.and in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m in a slightly silly mood

Jjreynolds575, 01:34 i i will have to prepare myself for that then haha

01:34 To be quite frank with you, James, I’m actually still laughing about sneakerson.

Jjreynolds575, 01:34 you were sleepy but now you’re sillytttt

01:34 Though if you were named frank would it be being frank with frank?WAIT THATS A THING NOW

Jjreynolds575, 01:34 i;m not sneaky thoughhh at all

01:34 Welcome to my podcast being frank with frank and i’m joined by my special guest, frank-lee.

Jjreynolds575, 01:35 Frank doesn’t know what to say Frank stopped working

01:36 to be quite frank with you, Frank is having technical difficulties.

Jjreynolds575, 01:36 Cue the end

01:36 “Be Quiet Frank!” hehehe

Jjreynolds575, 01:36 next episode more frank 2 franks

01:36 3 franks. frank, frank-lee, frank-yuu

Jjreynolds575, 01:37 a frank dating service for people called frank to be frank i don’t date people called frank

Challenging concept given – Day of the dead. 30/9/19

For the day of the dead…

– Laying across bed supposedly dead or sleeping, hand illuminated. Figure is loose. Hand surroundings lit up with candles across the floor circling them. Possible people around the subject dressed in colourful clothing and/or skeletal highlights. eg…

Skull cane, dead people in trees , suited people.

People from trees, could possibly be hung or not. There’s also a concept of people within the trees crouching above in black, “angels of death” perhaps. maybe angels stood at the foot of the hanging body. Could have additional background smoke.

People in suits, many directions possible. “lonely in a crowd” could be white suits, black and white suits. possibly a chessboard?

Inspired by the movie hell fest, bathroom scene with hand over the top where he grabs her hair.

Maze, industrialised and urban looking places with red lights ect.

01/10/19 –

Fairy lights wrapped around aerial hoop, backlight illuminating subject for silhouette.

“Even in death there can be light.”

Pentacle, sacrifices and alter in woods. Made personal.

Swords/music. Nan’s skull sword if possible w/my black acoustic or electric guitar.

Storms, witchcraft, winds blowing in hair, possibly gothic. Maybe a couple or group photo, preferably spontaneous, moonlight dance.

Couple dances, gymnastics. Spontaneous with smiles. Try to capture the chemistry.

Yona of the dawn, a warrior around the time of sunsets and sunrises.

Reflections in mirrors, blades and metals for blur.

Dampen a window or piece of glass and bring closer to camera to give the appearance of rain droplets or fog with someone in or out.

People doing things that are stereotypically feminine. Maybe guys looking in a “mirror” while doing more “masculine” things and have the reflection show females doing the same form of things.

“ghost” in the mirror, looking back at person but with a connection to the subject, ethereal. Lots of glitter and cute lighting. Capture chemistry between the people.

“Cat’s cradle” being held by someone. Possibly two people

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