To be a woman is to be warbound, knowing all the odds are stacked against you

– & never giving up in spite of it

– Amanda Lovelace

The theme of my collage was desire, lust and sexualisation. I went with this theme because while looking through the magazines I felt quite sickened by how underdressed and “perfect” these women were. They all follow the same ideals and standards of beauty. It genuinely made me upset.

So, stemming off of that I went and made a simple yet rugged looking collage with ripped/textured pieces of writing to represent a broken and rough edged society.

The main subject of the photo is the woman in the middle with an attempt at wings protruding from her back, the words upon her wings could be compliments, insults, opinions and standards. Wings are typically connoted with freedom so my idea of this could be taken in many different directions, one of them being that only by conforming to the standards of society and the idealisations will she be a truly free and independent woman with power. It is often that we connote success with beauty and wealth. The subject in my collage is wearing all brand clothing and is a very beautiful model.

Chicago, the musical

There is an image i’d taken from a Chicago leaflet that I had at home in the top right and ripped up, removing the face off which I’d hoped to demonstrate over-sexualisation of women and suggest that what is inside their head doesn’t matter. Following that line of thought I’d put the hands overshadowing the woman as if to be picking out her mind of possibly putting thoughts in it too. There are many interpretations that could be made from this but upon the main subjects head I’d added the words “We think you might be in denial.” This, too, could have many connotations and possibly hidden meanings as you can use this line against those sexualising woman and trying to put them down in the context of you can try to stop us and believe you will but we think you might be in denial.

Another interpretation of this phrase could be taken of the perspective of others towards these females, for example saying that perfection is not all that matters. It is okay to be imperfect and ultimately to be yourself. Being a Barbie doll is not all that matters.

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