Photos analysis.

She was someone who if the plane was going down and everyone was screaming, she would look me in the eyes and laugh and her laugh would make me laugh and then we’d both be laughing.

The two crazy people laughing as our plane was going down.

– Atticus

I personally enjoy the effect the blue light had on darker colours, it made them seemed ever darker and made shadows more defined eg. collarbones and cheekbones. The top middle photo is one of my favourites within this set as it has a fairly simple look however when you break it down it’s a lot more than just a photo. James (The model) is smiling in this photo and has a strong shadow across one half of his face, this is caused by a 90 degree angle, the light being to the right of the subject. The subjects posture is interesting to me too and the shapes made on their shirt during the session. The shadows made from creases on the shirt make it seem more defined and 3D, it gives it more of a natural feel which is helpful considering how it was a spontaneous photo too.

I’m beginning to think that maybe my photographic aesthetic is more so natural shape based photos.

I had a big smile on my face as I burnt the bridges to all the things I could not repair.

– Does the smoke still choke you?

– Amanda Lovelace

// Not all of these photos are taken by me, we did them as a group. Credits to other photographers. //

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