Just things.

“Media should always aim to empower people.” – Ingrid 16/09/19

14/09/2019 – 19:37.

So, I’ve just read James’ (Yours, if you read this. Do I even want you to? Why am I putting this stuff somewhere someone else can see when in no way shape or form is it even slightly interesting or related to the work blah blah blah and whatever other things you can insert here?) “Rambles” blog post which almost most definitely won’t be shared publicly… unless I publish it… There’s a possibly embarrassing and regrettable idea… And anyway so here I am sat on the end of my mums bed while Thea goes to sleep thinking about how actually I could just write my diary entry thingymabbobberlobbers in here and oh boy is that a lot.

Predictions – A whole bunch of existential crisis mixed with a lot more personal things. Be it personal as in lewd or silly, I’m not quite sure. Possibly both. At the same time. Like a person leaning in close on their boss to check out their bruises made from a monkey throwing bananas at them that was actually their best friend just dressed as a monkey that paid all the zookeepers to let him in there with the other extremely well trained monkeys but then while checking out the bruises they look up and finally realise how close they are then they get closer

“Paracetamol is disabled… medicine. It’s like calpol for broken chairs!” – Charlie Anthony Rose, 12/09/2019.

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